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Inspired By My New Book, 

The Promise of Soul Love:

Finding Peace Within


The Promise Of Soul Love

Unexpected Gifts From Here And Beyond.

Three things defined Pam’s family growing up: Alcoholism, inherited trauma, and secrets. On the outside, her middle-class family appeared successful, happy and well-adjusted. On the inside, her father’s alcoholism, and the legacy of addiction, held everyone captive. 

For over thirty years the past would not be linked to the present until her father, after a near fatal intake of alcohol, chose sobriety. Finally, the “elephant in the room” could leave. But would it be too late to heal the emotional wreckage that remained? 

Miraculously, love stepped out from the shadows and led the way. The search for truth brought light to her father’s long-held secret of childhood mistreatment and trauma. 

The gifts in the challenge slowly led to finding the courage to grow and the love to forgive. Hard to imagine, but alcoholism became a masterful teacher. 

Yet, unbeknownst to both Pam and her father, their greatest teacher would come later as he lay dying from cancer. In a remarkable promise brought to them just weeks before he died, an otherworldly presence told them death would not be their final separation. Their destiny to be together would continue into the afterlife, bringing with it unprecedented healing for them both. 


Pam’s story will touch your heart. It will encourage you to see that every challenge you experience, no matter how devastating, holds the key to your own healing. You aren’t alone with your struggles. There is always hope. And always waiting to be discovered is the power of the heart to transform relationships. Love and healing know no boundaries, not even death. 

About Me

Pam is eagerly awaiting the publication of her upcoming memoir, The Promise of Soul Love, Unexpected Gifts From Here and Beyond. Before writing this story, she was a contributing author to the #1 best-selling series, Pebbles in the Pond, Wave Four, compiled by Christine Kloser. Her story was entitled, “The Gold in the Darkness.” 


Having closed a successful practice as a psychologist, she now enjoys sharing what she learns from the world of Spirit from those who choose to communicate with her. Whether at the request of someone wanting connection with a loved-one in Spirit or writing her blog with her deceased father, she feels honored to be of service in this way.


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From my story, “The Gold in the Darkness,”
in the book, Pebbles in the Pond, Wave 4.

“Dr. Pam has been gifted to share the closeness of passed loves ones reassuring us, connecting us and inspiring us to fully live and love. Often the end is only the beginning of a lasting peaceful relationship.”

- Dr. Steve Mc


“Your story was so well written: compelling.”

- Sharon H.

Pebbles in the Pond Cover.jpg

“Your story of love, healing, transformation and courage has moved me deeply.”

- Virginia Gibbs, Ph.D.


“What a beautiful example of the power that unconditional love and forgiveness has! You’ve shown so clearly how those gifts can break through the emotional walls that we can build and allow us to experience the gifts that Spirit has available for us.”

- Dave S.


“I loved your story and the way you wrote it. I felt I was right there with you. It was so moving and inspiring. What a gift you and your dad were given to feel the connection would continue after he died.”

- Glenna M.

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