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Death: Only a Beginning

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Death always seemed so final to me. That’s what I was taught. That’s what I observed in others over the years. Yet, now I know differently.

Just before my dad, Poppy, died from his four year bout with cancer, we were told by a loving otherworldly presence that his death would not be our final separation. We were destined to be together in a new way, with him in Spirit and me here. At first, I doubted this promise. But I quickly learned to open to and trust this promise. Ever since, Poppy has been by my side not only answering my many questions, but helping us both to heal from our conflicted father-daughter relationship.

Here are his words about his eventual passing:

“My death was just a transition from one dimension to another, from one plane to another. I could see clearly and hear deeply. Everything around me expanded. Colors were brighter. I felt energy vibrating all around me. I entered a dimension where only love and truth are valued. This is the energy I now come from as you and I communicate.”

Maybe you were taught that the death of a loved one was the end, the final good-bye, like I was. Poppy wants us to be open to a more expanded view of this transition. Do you see yourself inviting in this possibility?

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