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Poppy’s Transition

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

“I could hear everything and see everywhere.”

These are Poppy’s words as he shares about his final days before leaving his body. At the time, I felt his energy being more “there than here,” but I didn’t know what was happening. On the outside, he was in a coma-like state, but he now says he was quite busy on the inside.

“I traveled wherever I wanted. I replayed various events in my life. I had an expanded awareness of everything. I could even feel your feelings and hear your thoughts even though you didn’t speak them out loud. Each time I returned to my body, I learned how to separate from the pain (from metastasized cancer). I observed the pain, but didn’t feel it.”

What I’ve learned is when you have a loved one preparing for their final transition, be open to the possibility of more going on than you think or see. The thin veil between here and there is just that, thin, and is easily crossed at a moment’s notice.

What have been your experiences with a love one around dying? What did you wonder about? What did you hope for?

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