The Unexpected

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

My dad, Poppy, and I have an afterlife connection. Please believe me when I say this was never something I expected. But ever since he passed 25 years ago, we frequently talk, with him in Spirit and me here. In the early years, I kept our conversations private. I only shared with my husband and a few close friends about the amazing things I was learning from my dad.

In 2015, I “came out” of my seclusion and wrote a short version of life with my dad before he passed away. It was published in an anthology of short stories entitle, Pebbles in the Pond, Wave Four, complied by Christine Kloser (available on Amazon). This was a leap for me in order to share with a broader audience just how very unlikely it was to now have an afterlife connection with my dad. Our love had suffered through his many years of alcoholism. Even with his later recovery, we still had mountains to climb to be ready to forgive and heal.

Now, I’m happy to share with you the many things I have learned from Poppy since his passing. And, for you to hear him as I do. Maybe, in some small way it will help you with your own healing. What I have learned is love and healing have no boundaries, not even in death.

Please share your thoughts with me any time. I would love to hear from you!

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